Wild Apricot add-ons for associations and clubs running Wild Apricot.

NewPath Consulting develops and maintains WAWP, a set of WordPress plugins to seamlessly integrate WordPress with Wild Apricot.

The Wild Apricot QuickBooks Manager, aka WAQM, is a fully customizable and automated Wild Apricot -> QuickBooks export. WAQM supports various versions of desktop QuickBooks (v 2013+/USD/CAD/EUR). Taxes and customization of QuickBooks accounts is supported. QuickBooks accounts for each Wild Apricot event can be created and supported as well.

NewPath Consulting supports and maintains a Javascript/jQuery utility called WATM, which supports website translation, modification of hard-coded messages and warnings as well as mass CSS customizations.

For multi-chapter organizations with complex reporting needs, WARM is our custom reporting solution for Wild Apricot. Using Google Data Studio, Wild Apricot Reports Manager enable a powerful way to track organizational performance.

Finally, a searchable document library gadget for Wild Apricot is possible with Wild Apricot Document Manager, aka WADM. Organize and search the contents of PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and text documents with ease right inside your Wild Apricot website.