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Installing n8n on Synology with Docker

“n8n (pronounced n-eight-n) helps you to interconnect every app with an API in the world with each other to share and manipulate its data without a single line of code. It is an easy to use, user-friendly and highly customizable service, which uses an intuitive user interface for you to design your unique workflows very fast. Hosted on your server and not based in the cloud, it keeps your sensitive data secure in your own trusted hosting.”

A short review of Scott Bradlee’s “Outside the Jukebox”

In the book “Outside the Jukebox: How I Turned My Vintage Music Obsession Into My Dream Gig”,  Scott Bradlee, creator of Postmodern Jukebox, turns a common opinion of artist-as-bohemian on its head. He regularly drops stories that invert the opinion that being an artist is a surefire way to end up homeless or worse. Oh, and Scott ends up homeless more than one time along the way.