Wild Apricot Document Manager

Wild Apricot Document Manager
Wild Apricot Document Manager

Add a document search engine to your Wild Apricot website with the Wild Apricot Document Manager (WADM)! WADM builds a document search database with a process called document tokenization. All PDFs, Microsoft Office and text documents are broken up into small pieces that can be searched.

Once the initial index has been built, WADM will continuously monitor content edits on your document library, without any intervention, and apply very small updates that are added/removed/edited over time. The WordPress search engine can be integrated into Wild Apricot pages to allow searching one or more document libraries with split-second response time!

  • search the contents of PDF, Office, plaintext and rich-text documents
  • help members find documents easily by filename, date and other attributes
  • maintain a library of any document type with unlimited file sizes
  • embed document library with a simple an HTML snippet into any Wild Apricot page
  • you must provide and pay separately for WordPress hosting – we recommend Cascade Valley Designs