Wild Apricot Reports Manager (WARM)

Wild Apricot Reports Manager (WARM)

WARM enables your staff and volunteers to access custom Wild Apricot reports without an administrative account on Wild Apricot. In some cases you may not want to give administrative access to your volunteer board members, and just want to send scheduled reports to executives right into their mailbox. WARM to the rescue!

Now you can provide organization’s membership engagement, renewal rates and membership demographics, revenue and expense analysis all in one simple report shared with a link.

The Wild Apricot Reports Manager (aka WARM) empowers Wild Apricot administrators an increased level of reporting flexibility and analytical power.

The Wild Apricot Reports Manager can:

  1. Access your Wild Apricot database securely, in real-time without copy and paste or manual data extracts, and without access to Wild Apricot’s administrative dashboard.
  2. Prepare tables, graphs and visualizations for one site or a network of Wild Apricot sites
  3. Analyze all Wild Apricot data and metadata with instant data refreshes
  4. Report on data summaries, aggregations, comparisons and even calculated fields to create new insights
  5. Combine data from hundreds of other data services including Google Analytics, Amazon, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  6. Share and distribute reports and dashboards with your board or staff, with on-demand or scheduled PDFs by email.
  7. WARM is an approved Partner Connector, part of Google Data Studio, a free reporting and visualization system provided by Google.