Wild Apricot Login

The Wild Apricot Login for WordPress is available for free in the WordPress plugin repository. Detailed documentation for integrating with WordPress is available in the Wild Apricot Help.

You can also find embedding Wild Apricot widgets in external websites in the help documentation.

Block third-party cookies must be turned off. If this is turned on, your WordPress site won’t allow Wild Apricot to provide the login credentials.

Make sure block third-party cookies are off in your web browser, under Privacy and security settings.

Premium Membership Level

username: asirota+test@gmail.com password: test1234

Regular Membership Level

username: asirota+1234@gmail.com password: test1234

Current limitations of the Wild Apricot Login plugin:

  • The Wild Apricot Login plugin cannot restrict access to an entire page or blog by membership level. Use the wa_restricted short code to control access the full or partial content of a page.
  • You cannot log into WordPress with Wild Apricot credentials that share an email address with an existing WordPress user. Make sure your Wild Apricot email addresses for contacts don’t overlap with existing WordPress email addresses.

wa_login shortcode to introduce login/logout function

[wa_login login_label="Login"

the following attributes are optional:
login_label – The label appearing on the login button
logout_label – The label appearing on the logout button
redirect_page – The WordPress to redirect the member to after logging in

wa_restricted shortcode restricts access to content

roles="Gold, Silver"
login_label="Log in"
message="Log on to view restricted content."]

Content that is controlled via the short code.


WordPress roles corresponding to Wild Apricot membership levels to which you want the content restricted. To include all roles, set the roles attribute to All.

If the name of a membership level changes, the shortcodes must be manually updated even if the corresponding roles are updated.

You can add a not: operator at the start of the roles attribute to specify all roles other than those listed.

message='Log on to view restricted content.']

Restricted content.

[/wa_restricted ]

Label appearing on the login button. The default is taken from the Wild Apricot Login plugin settings.

Message to appear in place of the restricted content. A login button will appear below the message. You can include HTML markup in your message, but be careful since your code will not be validated by our plugin.

The content between the wa_restricted tags will only appear to authorized users. The restricted content can include other WordPress shortcodes or Wild Apricot widgets.