Wild Apricot Text Manager (WATM)

Wild Apricot Text Manager (aka WATM)

The Wild Apricot Text Manager (aka WATM) can be used by any Wild Apricot administrator to style, translate, hide or modify nearly every visual element or piece of text in a Wild Apricot website. It also can style and translate Wild Apricot widgets embedded into external websites like WordPress, WIX or Squarespace.

WATM is the missing piece to customizing your Wild Apricot site to your exact colours, styles and text. You can make a variety of changes such as global text search and replace, modifying system or custom form labels and buttons, changing CSS properties on any class or ID and hiding certain labels or buttons altogether.

WATM can be used  to create a multi-lingual Wild Apricot website without the need to create duplicate pages, page templates or events. WATM currently supports a primary and secondary language. All content gadgets can be easily maintained on one page, while system text can be translated on the fly based on the translated added to an easy to edit WATM configuration file.

Multilingual Support in Wild Apricot with WATM

Read the WATM Installation and Usage Documentation